Blog November 11, 2020

Our top tips for visiting homes already on the market

Targeting properties that are already on the market through prospecting home visits can be a fantastic way to win new instructions; after all, you already know that they are looking to sell. Before you start, read our top 10 tips for how best to do this.

1.     Identify properties that need your help. Choose properties that:

a.      Have just come on the market and so the seller will still be in their 14-day cooling-off period.

b.     Have been on the market for over 6 weeks and where you think there is something you could do better.

2.     Make sure you have sent a touting letter or canvassing card before you prospect.

3.     When you go prospecting, make sure that you stand back when they open the door so that they do not feel intimidated.

4.     Do not criticise their agent or ask for the property straight away.

5.     Demonstrate how you can help them. We’d suggest taking something with you such as a moving checklist or guide to documents they might need for selling.

6.     Focus initially on the property they are looking to move to. Once you know what they are looking for you can offer to keep them up to date – ask, “What’s the best number to call you on so I can let you know if the property comes on the market.”

7.     Broach their property gently. Say something like, “I noticed there are a couple of things you can do to improve the marketing of your property such as … . I’d love to come round and discuss it with you at a time that is convenient. How about Tuesday or Thursday?” (Give them a choice of two days.)

8.     If someone is out, go back another day.

9.     If someone says, “I’m not interested”, do not push it but say, “I don’t suppose you could help me out; is anyone in the street looking to move?”

10.  If one doesn’t go well, try to view it positively as you are one prospect closer to that instruction.


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Our top tips for visiting homes already on the market

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